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Hi All,

Started having problems today with the keyless operation of my car, it would bleep twice and not lock using the drivers door handle push button.

Knowing from experience that the key fob battery would probably need replaced I googled XF fob battery change to find out how it comes apart but found nothing except one owner was charged £31.00 from dealer !!.

So I remembered the wife had bought a packet of those 3v flat watch type battery's from pound store for the bathroom scales and thought how hard can it be.

Well it turns out it was simple,you don't even need tools, so if any XF owners need to change the battery this is how it's done.

First remove the key,then gently prise away the chrome sides, they are just a snap fit.

Carefully separate the black housing along the joint again snap fit,take care the fine spring for the key release doesn't fall out !

Remove the battery, drop in the new one (3v cr2032 ) and but it back together,reverse order, go to the car and press away with the same smile I had, job done.

I hope this helps a few members out in the future and saves a few hard earned quid.

Regards Dave .

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Hello Dave,


Good advice.  There is a section on battery removal in the S Type Owners Manual, but not as detailed as you give.


I got my spare batteries, which I keep in the car, from a 99p shop.





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