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remote central locking problems


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Try this June .


Try spraying some WD 40 inside each door latch as this can free up a sticking switch. Also  go to the GEM module ( Generic Electronic Module) under the corner dash and check to make sure all the electrical connections to make sure they are clean and secure.





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Welcome to the Club, June.


Your problem does appear to be an electrical connection ---  I won't suggest it could be damp [you have had a bit of that in the South],  but a can of WD 40 in the boot is a necessary item for me.


If what Trevor has suggested doesn't work, try replacing the battery in the key fob.. Batteries can be bought from the 99p shop as also Poundland.  Be careful and follow the instructions in the owner's manual.  Any Auto accessory shop will do it for you.


Let us know how you get one.  All feedback assists when similar problems occur.





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