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Engine light but jag runs lovely

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Hi everyone, this is my 1st post i am new to the club so please bare with me. I bought my self a 1998 jag xj8 in carnival red just before last Christmas I loved the car so much I bought 2 more from this bloke who shutting down his dealership. one is an 2000 jag exec 3.2 and the other is a 2001 jag exec 3.2 I paid a 1000 for both as a deal. both need mot and tax and the 01 needs a crank shaft sensor. But 2000 is in excellent condition he drove it to my house on his trade plates and it was lovely. So, yesterday morning I go out to give it some well deserved TLC as it has stood for 5 years collecting moss. I start it up go to move it and noticed the engine light on when put it in D then the error codes start flooding in. So I quickly shut it off. After leaving it for ten minutes its ok Running lovely, but the light will not go out every time I clear it it comes back. Any idea where to start looking is this a common fault issue maybe. I was thinking of removing yhe throttle body from the red jag but the engine is s 4.2 v8 from the xk8 I believe. Previous owner said last engine failed due to it being a nicelseal engine. Im not sure if the parts are interchangeable. Thanks guys.



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Welcome to the Club, Jason.


I looks as if you have some interesting projects, and I am sure there are some with the expertise to assist in the Club.





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