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Hi everyone,

Just joined club and i'm looking for advice on possible S type or XJ purchase. Firstly iv'e noticed a difference in the dashboard layout on the S type some have the big centre consol like in the XJ some dont is there any reason for this as iv'e noticed it doesn't seem to be down to year or model?.

I'm looking for a 2001-2005 S type or if somebody can convince me that the suspension on the XJ is bullit proof then an XJ is prefered, not bothered too much about fuel consumption but must be an auto.


                    Many thanks in advance for your replies


                                                                                 Brian :)


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Welcome to the Club, Brian.


The dashboard on the S type did change after the facelift around 2004.  There is also the difference in respect of a touch screen system installed.


There are those who know more about the XJ than I and will offer their advice.


There are discussions about which fuel is best, and the 2.7 diesel in both the S Type and the XJ is a good engine, and the 3.0 litre petrol in the S type is a proven power plant also.  If you want speed the 4.2 petrol R version of the S type is very quick.




Peter.  [Only 2 miles from the Staffordshire border.]

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Welcome Brian,

                            You will find lots of people on here who can help, and are only too willing to do so.


I have an XJ and think it's fab, with excellent suspension.





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