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battery low warning


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I`ve been loving my first Jag, a 2008 2.7d xf, for 8 months now but have noticed that if I sit in the car with the engine off but the radio on, the battery low warning comes on and the radio switches itself off after about 10-15 mins, the car has a Bowers and Wilkins stereo, is this normal as my wife`s Ford and my old Honda would last about an hour?

Also, does anybody know of a reasonably priced Jaguar specialist in the Coventry area for servicing and repairs?


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Hi Daveallen2,

In answer to your query with regards to the radio switching off after 10 mins, the XF set up will do this. Even if you switch on the ignition without starting the engine up and no radio switched on the ignition will switch itself OFF after 10 mins. This is done in order to conserve the battery power so that there is enough power in the battery to enable the XF to run through the start-up procedure before the engine is allowed to start. I have a 2013 /3.0 litre D Premium Luxury in Satellite Grey. According to myXF Handbook, on page 102 (Audio/Video Controls) it states the following.......The Audio system will switch OFF with the Ignition being switched OFF. The Radio can be switched on again with the ignition OFF but the Radio needs to be switched ON by pressing the Radio button again...THE SYSTEM CAN REMAIN ON FOR APPROXIMATELY 10 minutes..........Hope this is helpful to you.

I love my XF but I did not like the rough ride that I got with the 18" x 245/45 tyres/wheels that were fitted when I purchased it from new. I have since had the wheels/tyres changed over to 17" x 235/55 which has resulted in a much softer ride but it is now a "jiggly" type of ride especially when going over white lines etc.........I prefer this to the teeth rattling ride I was experiencicing on our lousey roads here in Devon.

Happy Motoring in your XF............William ..... (Billyboy)

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Welcome to the Club, David.



Billyboy has already given a good answer to your problem.  You will find a lot of helpful members in the Club.


On the question of independent Jaguar specialists you will find a topic under the forum Jaguar Owners Lounge where there isa list of recommended garages.  I do know of a well thought of specialist in Northfield who is listed on that forum.


Let me know how you get on.





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