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A new XJ6 owner


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Hi everyone


Well at long last I bought my dream car - a Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 3.0 petrol in winter gold metallic. She has only done 86k and has had 2 previous owners (one was a Jaguar dealer). Full leather (you can still smell the newness), Sat Nav, auto everything and something I didn't get when I purchased the car, but that I do have now - A BIG SMILE.


The good points:

The car dives effortlessly and never grumbles.

0 to 60 - well it doesn't really matter, but its quick (especially in sport mode).

Fuel consumption - well if I was that bothered I shouldn't have bought the car !!

Ultimate luxury

Its British


The bad points

There aren't any


Life just gets betterpost-4904-0-27241900-1398054837_thumb.jp

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Welcome Paul,


Got the offer of a new Merc at discount (my friend works at a Merc stealership ) I said " No thanks, but will bear it in mind for the future, but at the moment i'm more than happy with the Jaaaag"




Trevor (safely back from my trip up north)

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