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Newbie jag owner


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Hi guys

I thought is join the club as I've just got my very first jag. Which is a 59 plate jag xf 3ltr v6 diesel premium luxury with 35000 on the clock in indigo blue. I can say its one of the best cars I've drove its fantastic.


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Welcome to the Club, Gareth.


You will enjoy the Jaguar experience, and there are many knowledgeable people in the Club who will assist when there is an issue that you cannot solve.


Your XF is a nice looking car and the colour suits!





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Hi Gareth


Welcome to the XF Forum in the Club nice looking car and enjoy your XF . I would like to inform you to check paintwork along Top Edge of Chrome Jaguar Signature Blade as this is prone to rusting and can be repaired under 6 year warranty . Seemingly this wasn't, rectified till the XF 2012 Model came out . I'm in the X Type Forum and X Type's have this problem also. Your car may have been Repaired , this Chrome Blade seems to be fitted to close to the paintwork and is caused by vibration  Don't be put of by this and enjoy your Car.





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