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Squaky Brake Calliper Springs???

Clive Hunt

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Dear Forum,


Can anyone help. When I depress my brake pedal (even when static) I get a strange noise from the calliper area which sounds like an old rusty spring being stretched. Annoying especially when manoeuvering around at slow speeds.


Any guidance?

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hi clive welcome to the club. i would get them checked maybe the spring is needing replaced or lubricated with that copper paste the garages use it could be simple but better to be safe. charlie

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You'll probably find it's the sliders the calipers operate on, the pad mounting areas (which do get rusty), or both.

Worth stripping the calipers off, cleaning all the rust off where the pads locate into (there might also be metal shims in there to which need removing and cleaning) by gently tapping any larger bits off with a flat bladed screwdriver, then rubbing then over with some abrasive paper and wire brush to get it smooth.

The sliding pins will gently pull out of their holes and pull out of their rubber seals and you can then clean out down the holes with a piece of tag on a thin screwdriver or something similar, rub the crap off the pins until smooth and regrease with high temp grease or copper slip.

Remember to add a small smear of copper grease to the pad lugs and their locating points on the calipers when reassembling and fit new pads. Get a decent brand. Either genuine or something like EBC, Ferodo, Apec etc. Avoid cheap rubbish like Blue Print or First Line.

Before removing the calipers, use a strong flat bladed screwdriver to lever the pads back so that the piston pushes fully into the caliper. It's easier than wrestling with it when it's loose in your hand. Use the old pads to lever against inside the caliper so you don't damage the discs. It may be quite stiff but should free and then push back fairly easily. If the discs are shot, good time to fit new.

Hope it helps

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Sorry Clive I should have added that you should check out the independent  garages recommended on this site buy other jag owners there might be one close to you


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