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Should you change the Transfer and Autobox fluids on an X Type, or are they really 'sealed for life'?

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You will get a variety of opinions on this one, My XKR box is also sealed for life. Judging by the state of the Oil and filter when I changed mine, it must have been near the end of its life as it was awful!


Mercedes spec Oil (Its a merc box y'see) and its transformed, much smoother......I think the opinions will vary based on how the car is driven. If its one of the fast Jags, definitely worth changing imho 

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Being a bit philosophical today,  being sealed for life means that it is sealed for as long as the manufacturer thinks its life is.


Personally I would prefer to spend £250 on an Oil change rather than spend a lot more than that on a new gearbox. I am unsure whether or not that is philosophical rather than economical.


If you feel that your gearbox is not performing as it should, an Oil change could be the answer.



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