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considering a car change...


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hi , Iam completely new to the forum and  presently own a car which couldn't be any further from a Jaguar.

But I've really got a thing for a s type r new shape 2006 , love the sound with the right pipes love the v8 english muscle and how reasonable they are to buy with low milage . history and for me anyway 360 a year to insure ,only one thing thats potentially worry me .


How expensive are they to run repair and reliability , and what would be the average mpg of this beautiful monster?


cheers love the forum 



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Welcome Justin,


In the past few years I have had a BMW 335 M Sport,BMW M3, Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Aston Martin DB9 Le Mans, and now have a Jaguar XJ Supersport, the best car I have ever had, also the best car I have ever driven .


The expense of running and repair is relative, you don't really buy a Jag ( or any similar car and worry too much about MPG), it also depends on what you compare it with really .Mine has been very reliable, but there again it is only a 2012 plate.


Insurance obviously depends on age and no claims bonus . Mine had been the same price as the BMW's and cheaper than the Astons


Jaguar have the best customer satisfaction out of all the car manufacturers, drive one, and you will see why.


Many people say once you have a Jag, you will never have another make of car, I think this is true, I'm picking up a XK-R on Monday or Tuesday .


To sum up, I would get one, you know you want to.





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Hi Justin, and welcome to the Club.


The S Type is a great car and the engines in all the versions are really superb.


I can see that you have done some research and are looking at the 4.2R version, which is the top model in the range and beloved by enthusiasts particularly in the USA.


I have the Pensioners Version os the S Type, the 2.7 diesel and I can honestly say that it is the best car I have ever driven and I have been driving for over 50 years.


There are not many 4.2Litre models around, but if you look at the main dealers sites you should be able to find one with a guarantee.


Let us know how you get on.





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Adding something to my previous post, Justin.


I have just looked at the Stratstone site, and they have only one 4.2 R for sale nationally. [They will and do move cars round the country].  This is one in Silver with just over 50k on the clock, and it looks like an 06 plate. Currently they want £9991 for it.





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My dad has a 3 litre 2002 manual silver about 6 months ago i talked him into test driving a 4.2 r he didn't buy but i loved it .... I have 2006 r53 mini with about 260 hp which is great fun (couldn't be any more different but I want variety in my cars as long  as there fast!) ,but this was a different kind of power with luxury and they've come down in price and would cost about £30.00 a year cheaper than my mini in insurance believe it or not , I couldn't believe it .I would travel to get one don't care about that or the petrol just wanna research as much as a can so That I don't have to sell  vital organs to run it mechanically,maintenance ect.... and they sound .. v8 english muscle.. :wub: and peter wadya doing where s the r ... cheers!!!

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