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Just completed a 140 mile trip to Perth ( Scotland not Aus) and averaged 40.8 MPG, I got 48 with my previous 1.6 diesel (Citroen C5).


MPG may be the current mainstream goal , however I had the most enjoyable drive today and still have a broad smile every time I drive the XF 

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The XF is fab isn't it? it was borrowing one that made my mind up that my next car after the Aston Martin would be a Jag .


MPG isn't my main concern, but until recently I had always looked upon cruise control with distrust and thought it unsafe.


It was only about three weeks ago I started using it just before I got rid of the XJ Supersport and got the XKR.


Both cars have adaptive cruise control which also does the braking and accelerating , and keeps the car in front at a safe distance .


I have noticed using the adaptive cruise control the MPG is better. I even got over 30MPG in the XKR driving it home from the stealership earlier in the week, albeit only 70 miles.





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The current figure in my trip computer for a lot of short runs [and I think the S button when my son borrowed my car for a couple of days] is 27.2 mpg.


The car is having a "Terraclean" this morning and I am expecting mpg on a long run to be around 45mpg.


I only use cruise control on motorways as being within the West Midlands huge urban conurbation I find that steady driving is impossible.



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i only use cruise control on the big roads also .


When I was picking up the car on Monday I was talking to the young Aston Martin salesman, he now has a Jag, a 2003 X type I think, or it could be one like yours, can't really remember .


He said it had done 85000, and he got it for less than a £1000 form a chap who was part exchanging .


He said it is a tad juicy, but he really likes it, and his young children think it is wonderful .





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