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Lord H

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Hi All


I have had issues with the tyres loosing pressure the onboard tells me and I blow em back up seems to be 2 or 3 days between fills...

first time yesterday on the passenger front (brand new wheel), noticed the valve was a bit damaged and started looking for new ones and soon came to the realisation that the TPMS sensors are attached to the valve, so after doing a bit of looking around do I buy just new valves.. £12 each or ther abouts.... or buy new TPMS sensors with the valves already attached.... £50-£60 each I'm thinking the latter due to the fact my car is a 59 plate and the batteries are due to expire in the sensors anyway read they have a 5 year life???


can they be bought cheaper? I read somewhere the the Land Rover ones are cheaper and exactly the same unit Jaguar just charge more for them...

after replacing them do they just work or does the car need to find them is this done automatically or does it need pluging in? or can I do it from the cars onboard?




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Hi Rich,


I did hear too that Land Rover and some Ford parts, too, are the same.


I am quite grateful that my S Type just lets me do a weekly check with a tyre pressure gauge.





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I thought so to he sells them in sets of four or singles it was cheaper to buy 4 singles... doesnt make sense but I saved a fiver lol thats another £5 for the tank :-)

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Had a few issues with tpms sensors over the years. You can buy just the valves for £5 or £15 for a set of four off eBay. Sensors cost £70 complete or get a 3rd party for similar money and clone the code off the original sensor. Alot of garages can clone the replacement. Need to drive 4 - 5 miles to get the car to recognise the sensor. 


If you replace just the valve the nut you can see on the outside of the rim needs to be tightened to the right torque. The valve can damage the sensor if its over tightened. There is an earth wire screwed from the sensor to the base of the valve. This needs to be moved away (bent back) to change the valve and earth wire make break through fatigue if you change the valve more than once. At least one of by tpms sensors is 7 years old with the original battery.


My advice is buy valves and sensors cheaply if you can but you will need a garage to fit them.

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