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Electronic Woes


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I have a love/hate relationship with my 2002 S Type. I don't do many miles, only about 1000 since July last year and usually lay the car up in the winter months, disconnecting the battery.  When I reconnect the battery everything runs like silk as the so called computer learns how to make things go wrong again!  After a few uses/journeys things start to misbehave, first up is the gearbox which becomes 'jerky', especially when selecting reverse.  It becomes almost violent and yet was perfect when first reconnected.  And then the dreaded engine management warning comes on with no obvious power unit problems.

It seems to me that the car is ok, but the electronics are just making a mess of things.  If anyone has any ideas about which bit of the computer system (I understand there are six control boxes) is the rogue, I would love to know how they would deal with it.

I love this car, but I am almost in poverty as a result of owning it - please help!

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Hi Colin,


Electronics are a fine art and it often takes a specialist [independent preferably] to sort the problem out.  My lump hammer is not used as a tool in these circumstances.


It is possible that not running the engine once a week has something to do with the problem, and if you can do that it could well help.


I have laid up my car for spells when on holiday, but have had my son turn over the engine once a week.


The only time when I had a problem was when the car wouldn't start even though the battery was ok.  Luckily, the starting handle kept under the seat did the job!





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