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  1. I have a 2003 v6 3.0 l s type. I got the dreaded Restricted Performance message come up. At first it seemed to make very little difference to the performance except if I tried to accelerate too fast. I then had to go on a fairly long journey on the motorway and then the warning went away. It later returned the next day and stayed on all journeys of short duration. I started to research the fault and came across a U Tube video which explained all about STFT and LTFT. That is 'short term fuel trim' and 'long term fuel trim'. It explained about how unmetered air getting into the en
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  2. As an S-Type owner, you'll be aware (I guess) of how sensitive the electronics is to low battery voltage. You'll maybe not know though, what you're expected to do after dis-connecting and re-connecting the battery. I've put together a PDF document which takes you through the procedure step by step. Nothing that isn't readily available elsewhere but just gathered together and (in my view) logically ordered into a single reference. It also includes how to get the audio system working when you don't have the security code I've been asked for it so many times that I though I'd make
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