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  1. I'm sort of getting there. I've run it a few times and it's exactly the same every time - it seems as soon as the turbo fires up it goes into Restricted Performance mode. Not always at the exact same point, sometimes it will do it immediately, other times it can take a few seconds but it;'s always on hard acceleration above 3-4000 revs. Each time I've run a diagnostic using the iCarsoft LR v2 kit, and keep getting a mix of the ones I listed earlier, but one fault code comes up every time and today it was the only one to show: P22D2: Turbocharger - turbine inlet valve stuck open (Actually to be fair there is an accompanying similar code which is almost identical, P22CF: Turbocharger - turbine inlet valve control circuit open. ) So to me it sounds like exactly what it says, a valve or something on the turbo sticking open. Makes perfect sense as it's only when the turbo kicks in that it happens. I've never thought it's anything to do with the fuel filter to be honest. Of course, I could be completely wrong but I've never thought it to be anything major. I've literally just emailed the dealer to see when they can fit it in again, I've been extremely busy and just haven't had the chance until now but I couldn't really leave it any longer. I have tried adding a Wynn's Turbo Cleaner to the tank but I've probably only used around a quarter of a tank of fuel since I've added it. looking at the car's history, I think it's been used as a local runabout for the past few years. It's never done more than 5000 miles a year and only around half that for the past 4 years so it's probably clogged up. I bet the turbo has never even been fired up for the past few years.
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