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Recently acquired Winters Gold Jaguar XK 2005 55 with 31k Miles UK Spec

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I recently acquired a winters Gold Jaguar XK 2005 55 with 31k Miles, the car drives perfect and I have no electrical issues as of yet which is good,  I've only had the car a few days now but I'm wanting to have a few things done to make it looking like showroom condition, but I'm going to need some help or some insight on how to do this.


first things first, the rear passenger reverse light is fogging, seems like the seal is gone, which happens with a lot of cars, is it possible to get a new rubber seal for one or would I have to just purchase new old stock of a pre facelift light, any information on that would be appreciated.


second thing is corrosion, drivers front arch is bubbling slightly, along with the passenger rear, this isn't too bad at the moment, lots of stone chips in this area, I've ordered a touch up stick for some of the stone chips I've seen around the car and I'm not sure if this will stop the spread of the corrosion, I don't know if its worth getting genuine Jaguar mug guards to stop further stone chips from appearing or are they just more trouble than its worth, as in lots of salt gets trapped between the guards and actually makes it worse, if anyone has any experience with guards, how effective are they from preventing corrosion, are they worth the purchase, If so what Is the part number so that I can hunt for them.


third thing, the interior is really dirty, this isn't really an issue as such but its definitely made think that the mileage is not genuine in some way, the steering wheel is shiny for instance, although the pedals don't look like they have worn all that much, if at all, the seats are in really good condition as well but I'm just not all that sure, the engine and everything feel really solid, but this is my first big engine car and I know these engines are capable of putting lots of miles on with little to no issues, I guess the question is, how would I even go about finding out to see if the mileage is truly genuine, surely a Jaguar specialist would have a log that would tell you a lot of history about the car and if any changes were made to the odometer, is it possible to even acquire such a machine for personal use, as I've been alerted to something already about the cars being very sensitive to throwing codes if there is a low 12v battery, when I went to purchase the car, I was told that they needed to recalibrate the car after fitting a new battery as the seat forward and backward movement wasn't coded at all, this works now of course but if it were to happen again id like to have some sort of machine handy so that I wouldn't have to make a  trip to the specialist, I'd like to add that I will be sourcing for a interior detailer in the Glasgow area to make it look spotless, this week hopefully.


forth thing is the front badge its faded, really badly, is there any way of removing that and replacing with a genuine badge, if so what is the part number for that so I can source one to replace.


fifth thing, the front lights look slightly cloudy, I've dealt with this before actually, I had a 2000 Honda Insight with the same issue although they were yellowing on top of that and much much worse than this, I used the sanding method and the lights look brand new, I'm not sure if the Jag needs to go down that route, they certainly aren't yellow, maybe a certain product will made them looking new again.


anyways, if anyone has anything to share, that would be much appreciated,


Kind Regards,









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Check the MOT history online, which will tell you mileage in each of the last few years.

The service records will also show, if you have them.

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3 hours ago, Leo said:

Check the MOT history online, which will tell you mileage in each of the last few years.

The service records will also show, if you have them.

Hi thanks for the reply,


I forgot to mention that I checked the MOT history online and found that from 2006 all the way to around 2013, it matches with the service stamps, but from then on, probably when the next owner came along, it doesn't have anything at all, from what I was told the guy was a mechanic and carried out the work on his own, but kept no record of doing so which is frustrating, he also had his own MOT garage and apparently didn't use the car all that much because of the nature of his job and the interior being beige he didn't want to get the interior dirty, even though it currently is dirty,


I guess the next time I go to the Jaguar specialist, which will be in October I'll ask if they can find out for me, here's hoping that it is genuine miles,


Thanks for the advice,


Kind regards.





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I had a 2006 XK which had done 37000 miles when I sold it (after 7 years of trouble free motoring) a few months ago.

It was immaculate though, both inside and out, so looked pretty much like new!

I sold because in the last 2 years it had only done 1200 miles, and those were almost all just me taking it for a 10 mile run every 3 weeks or so, just to keep everything turning.

I am immuno-compromised, Covid is around to stay, so I sadly recognised that it needed to go to someone who would use it.

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