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  1. Oldkeeper

    DPF and Shell V-Power Fuel

    I had a few issues where she would occasionally go into restricted performance mode, amber light on, but no DPF full warning. I read a post elsewhere on the forum where Old Peter recommended using premium fuels and since I've followed that advice I've had no more problems. Also, if you're doing a lot of short runs or town work, they do benefit from a good run out occasionally...Our big cats like to be let off the leash now and again!
  2. Oldkeeper

    No heat

    Hi John. I'm no expert as I've only recently purchased my first S Type, but I understand that issues with the climate control system are fairly common on these beautiful beasts. I've found this: I hope it is of some help... http://jaguarclimatecontrol.com/diagnose/#dccv-ccm-test-procedure If not, I'm sure a more experienced member will point you in the right direction. Best of luck
  3. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    I'm quite fortunate that I only need specs for reading and other forms of close up jiggery pokery (tempting the naughty filter, here..) so clip on's aren't really an option unless I can somehow work out how to hinge them on to the brim of my chauffeurs hat that HM now insists I wear whenever she is in the car. It's not inconceivable that I could in fact have some family connection with Dame Edna as I can claim some antipodean connections due to a great grandfather making his way down under many moons ago. Admittedly, this was unwillingly. I think the terminology of the day was "To be transported to the colonies".
  4. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Ah.. Now I get it... We were required to learn the Cyrillic alphabet for reporting purposes, back in the day. I thought Steve's Welsh question translated to "Do you like smoothies". Which as an ex "Rock Ape" I would have to reply yes. providing they contain a) Bananas and b) Beer. I now have another major problem with the Jag in that the new Oakleys HM purchased do not fit into the glasses holder on the overhead console. Frankly, I'm getting brassed off with people asking if I'm Edna Everidge's uncle and asking if they can borrow one of my many hats whilst they take a "selfie". At least the old Vectra only attracted the attentions of the odd boy racer and the local constabulary....
  5. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Thanks for the offer Carole, but I spent a few years sampling the many delights of the Rhondda valley and prancing around on the Brecons many years ago whilst serving the other HM and I'm pretty sure I'm still listed as "Persona non grata" anywhere west of the Severn Bridge. I've quaffed my fair share of Welsh Bitter ("Never forget your Welsh") and been face down in more than a few portions of curry and chips "half and half"... Isn't it though, But? However, my knowledge of the language is restricted mainly to words which, in true squaddy fashion, would severely test the multi lingual functionality of the forum's infamous naughty word filters.
  6. Oldkeeper

    Nice to meet you

    Welcome aboard, Steve. I totally agree with Old Peter. I've only had my first Jaguar for a week or so but even after such a short time I'm really not sure that I'll ever want to drive anything else! This is a great site, too. with many experienced Jaguar owners ready to give helpful advice to us newbies! Enjoy!
  7. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    All sorted, ta very much, Carole :-) Didn't even need the VIN number. Just gave the very helpful young chap in the service department at D*ck Lovett's in Melksham my vehicle reg and received a call back the next morning with the radio code for no charge. So now I'm cruising in comfort, listening to Dean Martin and brushing up on my Italian in preparation for my visit to the Piazza del Popolo...Although when I mentioned a Borsalino Fedora to Her Majesty, she did suggest that maybe a chauffeur's hat may suit me better and would sit better with the new Oakleys. Many thanks for your help and advice, everyone.
  8. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Cheers, Steve. I'll certainly take Carole's advice. As you say, it's something you ignore at your own risk and I'm not sure I'm ready to find my tyres slashed and rude pictures crudely painted on my bonnet with brake fluid just yet! I called the local dealer yesterday morning. They did seem quite helpful but suggested I give a call back on Monday as they were very busy due to staff holidays. They seemed to indicate that it probably would be something they could do for me over the phone, given an hour or so...so fingers crossed. I didn't realise that Jag ownership would result in such expenditure in amassing an eclectic collection of suitable head attire. :-( I'll have to look for a Borsalino Fedora next week, as my wife has decided that my current Foster Grant's are entirely unsuitable and that only "His n Hers" Ray Bans are anywhere near acceptable. All very well and good, but her insisting I wear a 3 piece suit to check the tyre pressures in this weather I think is a little OTT. :-)
  9. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Thanks, Bernard. I did try this, but it didn't work. I've since been told that this trick only works on units up until 2007, so I'm just a bit too late. I'll call my local jag dealer tomorrow and plead poverty. Hopefully they'll take pity on me.... :-) Thanks for the tip, though.
  10. Oldkeeper

    Message Centre Difficult to Read

    The message centre is not the biggest and boldest, I agree. I have the same problem, as I need specs for reading but not for driving. If I get a message, I have to pop me specs on at the next stop!
  11. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Thanks, Carole! I'll give that a go. The silence inside is deafening. :-) I'll also take your advice and get a trilby, as I keep knocking my top hat off when getting in! Many thanks!
  12. Oldkeeper

    Evenin' all.

    Good evening all. Just bought my first Jag on Tuesday. It's a lovely 2007 S type 2.7D with full service history and has obviously been very well looked after previously. It's a bit of a change from my 2.6 Vectra GSI, but the wife has decided that my days of wearing my baseball cap backwards are over and at my age I should now be driving a proper grown ups car. I have all the service history, all the manuals and most of the garage receipts from new, however the one thing that's missing is the radio code card. And the dealer had disconnected the battery, of course.... I'm pretty sure it's the original unit as there is no mention in the documentation to say that it has ever been replaced. I have been told that I can obtain it on line, but would need to remove the unit to obtain the serial number. I don't really want to do that as I'm not confident in removing the trim etc without breaking things. I have also been told that if I take the V5 and extra ID to a Jaguar dealer, they will be able to obtain the code for me. does anybody know if that is the case? Cheers.