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Help please


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Hi All,

          I really need some help I have owned my 56,000 miles 2000 Jaguar 3.0l V6 S Tyrpe for just over a year and have had no problems until yesterday. I put my lights on for the first time in a while and lost the display on the radio and the heater controls, also the computer will show the miles but when you scroll the information it wont display (MGP, AVE Speed and so on).

Can anyone help me please?


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I have just avoided the pensioner curfew and have been drinking Burton on Trent water with hops infused.


The Jaguar has so many electronic devices in it that when the battery is failing it does fail quite quickly and the computer tells the car to shut down unnecessary services  which are electrically controlled..

It looks like you will be buying a new battery.





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Welcome, as you can gather by the early time I'm writing this I am the only sober one around here (northerners seem to like their pop) .


I would also say that e new battery would probably cure the problem, is it possible to borrow one to try before you go splashing out?






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