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Front brake pads - OEM or third party?


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Hi John,


The Jaguar brake pads are not that expensive, and there are several good companies locally who can supply regional parts.


The David Manners group [just off the M5 near Halesowen] are good and you can also get them online from them





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Correct, John.


When you have about 2 tonnes of car travelling at 70 mph the ability to stop is fairly important.


I once had pads fitted to a Rover by a well known tyre/exhaust company that needed to be replaced after less that 1000 miles because they were poor quality.



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Same happened to me with a mgzt in 1200mls complained to the place that fitted them they didnt want to know, never used

kwik fit again

My experience was also with Kwik Fit.


My employers issued us with Kwik Fit cards so all company cars had to go in there.  But after I refused both on grounds of safety and price to let my company car and the cars of others in my Region to go in to Kwik Fit,

they decided to recall the cards and let us use either the main dealers or suitable garages of our choice.



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I think most of us S-Typers are well outside the warranty period now Trevor!


I fitted Pagid discs and pads earlier this year (much blood and swearing) car now stops on a sixpence, braking is lovely and smooth and I've had no issues with fade





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I realise that, but it was a general point I was making about about how using non Jaguar parts in validates any warranty, although you can get the car serviced at an independent garge  .



Glad you've got yours sorted . You must live the good life up there if you can afford sixpence.


I'm not allowed money, I'm married.





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