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Diesel Or Petrol?


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Hello I am about to sell my car and get a S type around the 03-05 mark and just want to know which engine would be the best to get? at the minuet I am looking at the 2.7 diesel sport model, is this a good car? any information would  be greatly appreciated.


Thank you very much


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Hi Scott,


There are diesel lovers and there are petrol lovers, and a lot comes down to personal choice.


Before I bought my S Type I had already done quite a bit of research both as to cost of running both the 3.0 litre petrol and the 2.7 litre diesel.


The advantage of the diesel is both the Road fund licence at £285 and the fuel cost.  The best  fuel consumption I have had on a 95 mile journey with only 22 miles on a motorway was 49.2 mpg and currently with much local running around I am getting between 32 and 36 mpg. I do use Shell Vitro generally.


The 2.7 D engine has superb performance and the acceleration from 30 mph is tremendous as the twin turbo get the car moving really well.


The things to watch out for on the diesel are the DPF which needs regeneration periodically, so a longer run every few weeks or so, and giving the Jaguar a bit of welly every now and this also comes easily when you are driving an S Type.


The other thing I have experienced is a sticky EGR valve, which can be cured by a bit of welly also, but also a treatment with Millers EGR Valve cleaner if you are experiencing this issue.


I have seen cars with well over 100k on the clock and although the belts need changing at 105k, I think that you will probably find that most cars will show when they have been changed if you get a full service history.


My model is an SE but there is no difference in engines with the Sport version, and performance is the same.


I hope this is helpful.





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