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New Jag X-type owner (well the wife's car)

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Never thought the good lady would get a Jag, but neither did she.


X-type 2006, not sure of all the details, but leather seats, 17inch wheels, seemed good enough on test drive for her to part with cash.


She was in a bit of a hurry, so hoping that nothing major going to come out of the woodwork, but having sussed out the Jag forum before the test drive, seems like the X-type is a good bargain buy, and in the main reliable.


The good lady is out tonight (in her new toy) so not had a chance  to play with the toys.


Seems to have the iO kit for handsfree, but the Screen missing, so need to get that sorted.


Reason a Jag is a surprise is the wife said she does not like big cars (she hates driving my LS 400), but seems to me the Jag is a bit like the Tardis, amazed that it is not much larger  than the Honda Accord that it replaced, but is much roomier inside.


I am sure it will be me posting questions on the forum, as the good lady is about as technical as a non-technical person can be.


The one rule with the Jag will be looking after it better than the Honda which after 8 years looked like it has been used for farm work and could barely pull the skin off a rice pudding.


The one thing I like about the X-type are the seats, they are much better fit than the LS 400, which is rather like being on a sofa.  Wonder what she would say if I swapped seats???

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Hi and welcome to the club.


I'm new to Jags with my 2005 X-Type, and I'm loving mine too. I agree with your comment about the seats. I come from a seat building background, having spent 8 years making them for Nissan, and I have to say the Jaguar seats are more comfy than any others in any car I've owned, and that includes Volvos and Saabs.


Get some pics up of your, sorry, your wifes X-Type. We love pics.


Take Care



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Welcome to the club, Pete.


You will enjoy the X Type, and so will your wife.  You might even swop your LS400 for and XJ.





I think if I were to go for a Jag it would be an XJ - but having been a LS400 driver for 7 years, it is the cheapest car by a country mile I have ever had to run.


But I have loved the Jag look since being a kid, and can still remember my one and only trip in a e-type in 1982 from London to Bristol.


I visited the Jag Museum at Browns Lane about a week before it moved and had a personal tour with the museum manager - now that was an experience to remember.


I guess when it comes time to only have one car, the Jag may oust the LS out the way, but not seeing that happening for a while yet.

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Welcome Pete,


The car sounds fab, but I reckon you should do  what Peter suggests and get an XJ as well.  Just traded in my XJ Supersport for and XKR, it was a fab car, would fully recommend one .





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