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I had to put my x type 2002 through its 1st M.O.T with me owning it and I had to have some welding done to the sills + a bush on the rear .

The hand brake was a bit suspect as it comes up a long way but it passed .

I now have only one advisery on the M.O.T and that is the eye level stop light in the rear window dos'nt work .?????

How do you put a Bulb in there without taking the headlineing down .???? :(




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Hi Frank,


There are comprehensive instructions in the Owner's manual for my S type for all bulbs except the one you mention!


This one on the s type is above the boot at the bottom of the rear screen, and I would be inclined to try unclipping the boot lining.


Other than that I would try googling it.


There will be a x type owner who will know and hopefully assist.





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Its the getting into it Peter and I don't fancy taking the head lining down perhaps never get it back right again then look a mess.???

Knowing my luck I bet its not a fuse or a wire problem



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