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Wheel Alignment


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Hi Everyone


I just had a 60000mile service and the independent garage informed me I urgently needed two new front tyres and a wheel alignment.

So I ordered 2 Pirelli PZero Assimmetrico's on line at Kwik Fit at £96 per tyre, I was quoted £116 at my local Kwik Fit so a good saving by paying on line, having phoned around a few more tyre places I could not get them any cheaper locally.

I aslo booked to have the tracking checked and adjusted at £44.95.


I was very impressed with both the equipment used to check the tracking and the service and adjustments made by Kwik Fit Centre in Redditch..

The equipment they used was the Hunter Hawkeye Elite and while sitting in the waiting room I could see on a computor screen the readings from the alignment machine and you receive a before and after print out.

If you are experiencing any uneven tyre wear I recommend the Hunter Hawkeye and next year I will be back to get it checked again.

Hopefully the cost of the alignment check will be saved in reduced tyre wear and increased mpg performance.

At close to £100 per corner you need to take care of those tyres.





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Iv got mine in for alignment tomorrow also Jonny, terrible wear on the inside shoulders on the fronts.  My dad told me about a website called BlackCircle that i used.


Order the tyres online and price includes fitting, then you choose where you want it done. 2 x Dunlop Sport BluResponse (total 134 inc fitting) and tracking 30 quid. you also choose a time slot to take the car in.  Im taking her in at 9 tomorrow in liverpool so will let you know how it all goes.


Heres the website, tbf its probably similar to the kwikfit one






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Im lucky in that sense iv got 16s.


Bad news this morning :(. Got some new tyres, downside is everything else.  They couldnt adjust the tracking because both bolts at the end of the tracking rods are seized. Too add to that 1 of the bushes on rear left corner has gone giving the wheel negative camber, cant change the bush because the bolts have seized there aswell. Apparently they got heat on it as well but no luck :/


She might need a bit of TLC me thinks



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Hi Kev F


Yes the front and rear tyre where checked according to the print out I received.

Car has sinced passed it MOT without any problems so looking forward to a trouble free 12 months motoring.



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