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Hello :)


I'm Chris from Northampton.


I bought my first Jaguar in September 2013 but replaced it in May with another :) 


I started off with a XF 2.2d Sportbrake Sport but after getting offered a really good deal on the newer 3.0d Sportbrake R-Sport model I upgraded. 



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Thanks guys.


I didn't intend to change car so quickly, in fact it cost me quite a bit, but only a few weeks after I ordered my first XF, Jaguar released the R-Sport and offered a 3.0d engine. The 2.2d was nice but the 3.0d was better but when I ordered mine I would have needed to spend another £7-8k to get a 3.0d in the spec I wanted. But then I was offered a smashing deal in April so ordered a new one. :) I do intend to keep this a bit longer, hopefully unti lthe new XF is released in 2016.

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Same here. Wife moaned about the XJ Supersport, so I got the XKR, which after an initial moan she now loves it.


Went to London village and back from Devon yesterday, It averaged 30MPG, which isn't bad for a 5 litre supercharged engine, it ran like a dream also.





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Thanks. I probably should add a few photos as she's changed a bit since I posted those.


F-Type footrest
XFR-S Carbon Fibre diffuser
Then just a few others of her looking clean.
Since those pics I've fitted new rear silencers for the quad exhaust look. 
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