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X Type diesel low temperature


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I have just bought a 2003 diesel Sport and have a few issues i am sure someone can help me with

1 speedo only works occasionally and then slowly drops to 0mph everything else seems to work

2 The temp gauge only reaches about 1/4 even in good weather

3 Starter motor occasionally fails to engage but then works fine


Any advice would be awesome

car has done 83000



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Hi Craig.


I am not advertising, but I had my s type 2.7 diesel Terracleaned over a month ago and it has made the world of a difference, both in performance and economy.  And my engine has only done 35,000 miles.


Look it up on Google before making your mind up.



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if its the 2.2 diesel same as mondeo there is 2 thermostats one that went on mine is under the intake manifold easy to remove but be prepared for a clean up job the inside of that manifold will be rammed with oily cr*p

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