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Hi, I've just purchased a 2003 XK8 and I've notice very briefly on start up a Fault warning A: SC System Fault. It's very brief but none the less it appears. I cannot find out what this is all about, so can anyone help, and does it need seeing to under warranty?

Please email ASAP to teltrish221@btinternet.com


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Hi Terry and Peter.


I'm getting the same thing, its on start up and then it goes away. I get a B: SC system fault, so I think the A/B at the start is which trip you are using. It goes away as soon as car is running and no other warning lights.


let me know if you find anything



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Bob, I have fitted a new serpentine belt, which definitely needed doing. The fault SC etc., still comes up but only when the trip computer is selected on start up?

I have check all the fault codes with my reader, and only one pending exists which refers to "Infight recorder?" but only Jaguar can clear this? 

On a side thought it makes you wonder if Jaguar have built in system faults just to get you to go to them to fix them?????

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Terence, I think Jaguar [and other car manufacturers] do build in a "Dealer Only" policy.  Rover used to do it on some parts.  I used to know a few breakers when I had my Sterling to get round the problem at a quarter of the cost.


I put up with "Service Required" rather than pay £69 at the local dealership.



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Bob, Peter. 

I have changed my serpentine belt, which really needed doing, then checked all the fault codes with my reader, there was none! except one pending which was "Inflight Recorder" (very odd) and this has to be cleared by Jaguar! (It strikes me that Jaguar have build in codes that come up unnecessarily just to get you to go to a main dealer?????)

The SC fault only comes up briefly if I have activated the trip computer!!? so now I leave that off whilst starting the car.

On a side note to all reading, get your self a fault code reader, they are not expensive and you don't need an all singing/dancing one like the garages have.


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