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fault reset


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I am guessing you might have to do so, Keith.


I have "Service required" or words to that effect coming up, in spite of the fact that the car has been serviced.  It means that when the dealer last serviced the car when I bought it, 12 months have elapsed.



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You are right, it has to be reset by the diagnostic machine ( or a computer with the relevant software) . Same thing happened to me after a service and they had to pop it on the machine to get rid of the message, it takes seconds .


That is another yarn the dealerships peddle, that they are the only ones who can do this. This is not true as most independent garages have the software required for various makes of car .


Someone on this site has all the software and uses a computer to do the above and other stuff.


This is the software you need (readily available on the net if you know where to look) IDS SDD Land Rover/Jaguar v135 (Data 24.01.2014) | 10.66 GB






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I have an x type and have Reset (service interval) myself it takes a bit of patience and it is by ignition key and indicator stalk.You can buy on eBay a reader to do it yourself but cost about £200 pounds.


Here Goes


1 Insert Ignition key into Barrel


2 Press and Hold Reset Button on Trip Computer Switch Pack


3 Turn on Ignition to Position 11 ( and upon hearing a Click ) Immediately Release the Reset Computer Button (Switch)

  CRITICAL to enable the RESET ( I never heard any Click just did it as quickly as possible )

4 You are to wait one Second do as 3 above ?


5 Press and Hold the Trip Switch on Left-hand Side Stalk


6 Wait for one Second ? ( do as quickly as possible same as 4 above


7Press and Hold the Reset Button (Switch) While still Holding the Trip Switch on Left-hand Stalk


8 The Clusters should Display (with In 3 Seconds) the warning message Reset Service Mode


9 Keep Both Buttons Pressed until the Warning Message Changes to Service Mode Reset ( after Approximately Ten Seconds ? )


10 Once the message is Displayed the Buttons may be Released and the Sequence is now Complete


11 If a Service Required message was Displayed Prior To The RESET SEQUENCE CYCLE turn ignition key to OFF and then back to Position 11 and check that the Message is no LONGER DISPLAYED.


It's a bit of pain to do but it worked and was quicker than it did to type this





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Welcome to the club, Terry.

I don't know anyone in the US, but there are several good companies in the UK that do exports.

Try the David Manners Group  and If they cannot do what you need,  post to me and I will find some others.



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