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The luggage compartment on my 2004 S Type is jammed closed and will not open with either the remote fob, fascia release or the manual release on the boot itself.  However it will open using the ignition key.  When I try to open it using any of the electronic methods there is a faint click from behind the panel at the right of the boot - from the area of the Rear Electronic Module but nothing further.


Is there a fuse controlling the boot opening or some other method of control?  My vehicle does not have a Valet button that I can spot in the glove compartment so that cannot be the problem.


I would appreciate any help and pointers to possible solutions.


Noel Bell

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Hi Noel and welcome to the club.


There is a fuse and I think it is in the boot fuse box, F46, 10 amp.


Let us know if that is successful.


If it isn't try a squirt of WD40 9 in the offending area.. Cheap and sometimes works.





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