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Lord H

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what a nightmare....


my intercooler went bang.... ok no big deal

Rang Jag customer relations they tell me to pop into nearest stealership to diagnose problem (I already knew but hey I will follow protocol) they may contribute to repair due to the fact its a common problem :-) result....

they diagnose burst intercooler Jag customer relations no we wont contribute as I have not had the car serviced by a dealer hmmm I have only had the car 3 months and have every intention of getting it serviced but they are not interested very poor if you ask me when its a well documented problem and they quote me £750 for the repair

so go back home and find the receipt from when i bought the car RESULT!!!! a day before the 3 month warranty is up :-)


so after a week of driving around in a Citroen C1 I get my car back (considering sueing France the ride and comfort levels of the C1 well lets say it left me in pain...)

but so happy for the return of my car drives beautifully once again


following day.........

tyre pressure monitoring system fault.....

checked tyre pressures all ok I had a Funeral to go to so not worrying about that now....

attended Funeral and wake then out for something to eat with friends that I really should try and spend more time with all in all had a great day all things considered untill the drive home in the dark.... my friend lives in the middle of nowhere my headlights appear to pointing directly at the floor get out of the car both headlights lit so not a Bulb out...


when changing the intercooler have they forgotten to plug the self leveller back in?? (I have xenons)

have they forgotten to plug something back in for tyre pressure monitoring or disturbed something


can any one give me any idea of where to start looking???


have to say disgusted with Jaguar tho




and I have to say I won't even consider buying a Jag in the future although it is a fantastic car


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I would not let the dealers put you off from buying a Jaguar, Richard, but you do have to be selective when you have repairs done.


Since I retired over 15 years ago and the company car perks al went, my car has only been near a main dealer a couple of times when I couldn't avoid it.



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Hi Peter


Tyre pressure monitoring system all ok again now :-) when they removed the the front under tray they didnt put the tyre reading equipment back where it should be..... I'm sure it was just an oversight but still poor workmanship in my oppinion


now im pretty sure the the whole headlight issue will be a similar problem ie forgot to plug something back in somewhere.... would have had a better look but one of the wheel nuts wont come off i will have to look closer at that at some other time....



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hi richard , sorry to here of your troubles, main dealers are rubbish the work force are mostly young guys. the older and more experienced leave them after a few years. so its prob better for you in future to use a recommended indy from the list on the site. my car before the jag was a x5 08 plate lovley big motor to drive but !Removed! load of probs. jags miles better. we have a vauxhall insignia that i use as daily runaround only use the jag when i need to. but the vauxhall is brutal not comfy at all them seats!!! its night and day between them not just for comfort. jag uk are useless they simply couldnt give a ##### charlie

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I do still think it is very poor for them not to offer a penny towards the cost of repair when it is a well documented problem with the xf and I live on the doorstep of where they are made not that that should make a difference but when it blows again I will have to look at a performance one thats all aluminium without the stupid plastic sides...

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A quick update on this.....


I recieved a call back from Jaguar customer service they wanted to know if my problem had been rectified which it has :-) and is still going strong lol


and then totally out of the blue he apologised for the inconvienience and told me that he would put a voucher in the post to me to pay for my next service needless to say I was shocked...

I have now recieved the voucher and I'm still in shock (should I have told them it is due a cambelt change at next service...) I dont think for a second they will do it for free but its gotta be worth a shot

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