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Hi all. i purchased my first jaguar today. only had 1 key with it and also the open button is abit temperamental as i have to press it a few times for it to work, it feels worn. on my key there has 4 buttons, open,close, open the boot and put lights on. any ideas where i can get a spare key done and repair this button on mine.


thanks all


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Hi Ryan,


On the question of location sensor I am unsure where it is on the 2.5 Petrol engine as I have a diesel.  If the gauge is showing normal I am only guessing that it could be a faulty sensor. You can google Coolant sensor location - S Type 2.5 litre and you should get several diagrams.


On the question of a refurbishment of the key fob have a look at the website of Taunton Jaguar - I did the same job on my car using them online.


To get a new key, I think that you may well have to go to a Jaguar Main dealer. You will need to take your car details --  log book, as it used to be called!





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You can buy the fobs with the chip and key blade on ebay it would need programming and the key cut correctly but many specialist locksmiths can do this for a reasonable price.

sounds like the button on your fob has indeed worn (the button pads are soldered to the chip) again a locksmith may do this or theres people on ebay who can do it. A lot cheaper than main dealers

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