Just joined so thought I would say hello

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So I've just joined after recently (and finally) becoming a Jaguar owner :D


I've wanted a Jag as long as I can remember - basically since I could say the word Jag which was longer ago than I care to remember!

This year I finally did it and in July I got a 2004 (53) 3.0 V6 S-Type for a price I couldn't say no to and I've not been disappointed by the car one bit.

It's not perfect by any standards and was made slightly less perfect just 10 days after I got it when some @$$h0l£, sorry person in a Merc decided to attempt to remove the N/S/F wing in a car park for me. There were some choice words coming out of my mouth the moment I saw that!

Thankfully I've managed to find a replacement wing in (nearly) the same colour which I just need to fit now.


The car though (in my humble opinion) is wonderful, marvellous and far and away the best car I have ever owned and I think I have now spoiled myself for anything else.


Having said all that, I am really looking forward to the day I can afford the XJR I really want ;)



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Welcome , sorry about your little prang, hope all is well now . Love the look of the S type, the last "proper jag" , a throwback to the The Mark 2.



Used to have a XJ Supersport which was an ex Jag directors car , it had every extra you could dream about, including Kylie Minogue to wash it twice a week . It was a brilliant car, but according to the wife didn't look like a proper Jag ( like yours) . So she persuaded me to get rid of it . She said after I swapped the Aston Martin for it ( long story) it must have felt like going out with Miss World, and coming home with Susan Boyle.


I now have an XKR which I love to bits, considered getting an XKR-S, but the extra money for little extra performance just wasn't worth it .





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hi matt and welcome. i like the s type, nearly bought one myself. enjoy your car and the club. peter will be along shortly he has one. regards charlie

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Welcome to the Club, Matt.


Careless drivers get up my nose, too, as I like to have a nice tidy car.


I think that the S Type is a car with that element of nostalgia and a model I always wanted when I saw my friends Mk1 which he had painstakingly restorered over a year or so.


I have had mine for 15 months now after someone borrowed my X Type on an interest free non returnable basis.


You will enjoy your S Type as it can be a wolf in sheep's clothing, or vice versa when driven like a limousine!





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Morning Matt,


I'm pretty new myself,


However welcome to the JOC, I love the "S" type , I was only saying the other day, how I just love the way they sit, a Jag statement through & through.  I've hired them in the past and had one from the Jag centre when I used to use them for servicing, but never actually got round to owning one.

I shall have to put it on my aggenda...


Cheers for now

Bryn. . .

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