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   Just a quick warning, the fixed speed camera is now off. But the overhead average speed cameras (Very discretely hidden in the overhead traffic signs) are now operational..! There are no warnings of these, and operate in both directions..! 50m.p.h. through Port Talbot from now on..!


Let's be careful out there!


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Welcome to the Club, Phillip,


The M1 has long spells of those overhead average speed cameras which do have a slight bonus.  I become a bit pragmatic and stay in the inside land and think about how much fuel I am saving  --  a few weeks ago I managed to get 53 mpg on a 90 mile trip.


I don't travel down to Port Talbot now that I have retired but I did get told by a policeman in a white unmarked Vauxhall Cavalier that I had reached a speed of 113 mph on Sarn Hill in a 1.6 Montego on the way to Swansea  in 1987.  The Bridgend Magistrates were quite understanding!!


Enjoy you S Type --  great cars.





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