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Morning Jag owners.

Just a quick introduction and to say hi as I am a new forum member.

I have just recently purchased my first Jag, to the shock and horror of my wife, she has stated I am to young (27) but I had to quickly dispel that myth and advise her she was Ill educated in the matter.

Having finally broken away from the hold Mercedes had on me, I took delivery of my new car and I have to say it is sublime. Why I didn't buy one sooner I will never know.

A little about the car..... Well, I decided I wanted something slightly different so I have chosen the following:

Jaguar XF 3.0 in a colour called Caviar... Wow what a colour in the light

Full black pack including Grill

20" Hydra Alloy Wheels in Gun Metal Grey

Very lightly tinted rear windows.

I will post pictures as soon as I have given her the 2nd polish in the last 12 days and the weather pics up, she is slightly dusty as I have just got back from Offshore so is getting the treatment today.


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Welcome to the Club, Edward.


My wife says I am too old for a Jaguar!


There are a lot of friendly people in the club who have one thing in common --  their love of these great cars.





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Thank you for your warm welcome, I hopefully will make some good friends along the way.


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