To enhance or not S-Type R

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Good day chaps,


If you would be kind enough I would like some thoughts and advice. I have a 2006 S-Type R and have read somewhere that changing the pulley size of the supercharger will increase the horse power.


My questions are fairly obvious, would it be sacrilege to alter the car from the standard, would the added HP be noticeable and would this type of tinkering around potentially damage the engine. Thanks in advance for any opinions or advice.   

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Hi Keith,


I am of the old school and feel that the Jaguar engineers and designers do a pretty good job. Bearing in mind the S Type R was the fastest road car made by Jaguar when it first hit the market, I would be inclined to leave well alone, pamper the car, and look after it mechanically, and enjoy it.


But having said that, other have enhanced their cars to good effect.





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