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can anyone help an idiot I have an s type with an auto/manual shift [don't know what this type of box is called] last night after driving for about 30 miles I stopped outside my house and decided I was to close to a junction so I tried to move up a bit but found I had no drive I selected reverse and it moved back but the amber light came on and the display said gearbox problem I reset the computer and the warning light went out now it seems to drive perfect but im worried every time I stop at traffic lights any ideas

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Hi Colin,


I take it that you have the standard auto box as fitted by Jaguar with the "J" gate change on the left side of the gear shift which allows you to select a particular gear.


I have never come across this issue before, and I am not an engineer.  Some members have found that a gearbox issue has been cured by a gearbox oil change, not withstanding the fact that Jaguar say the gearbox oil is for life.  


There could be others with more expertise than me who will also give suggestions.





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