Jaguar Independent garages in Gloucestershire for sick XF

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Hi Guys ,


Newbie here I'm afraid ,


Bought a Jaguar XF 3.0S Portfolio , private sale , 78k on the clock , 58 plate in Black . spent 6 months plus looking for the right one !!! .


I have had the car some 6 weeks now , the last 4 weeks its been in and out of my mech's garage three times !!! 


Restricted performance comes up 4 wks ago ,driving along bypass doing 50 mph goes to over take ,

and up pops the red letters restricted performance , phone AA , turns out to be code Poo6A , carries out repair , resets , all fine , then next day it does the same thing overtaking again !!! .


Into garage , for repair , replaces black !! air filter full of debris , replaces oil in engine as this was black ! (serviced by Jaguar Sept 2014),resets fault all ok again for a few days , then restricted performance lights up again .


Into garage , for repair , replaces both mass air sensors , one was grey/black colour , resets fault ,

all ok again , few days later restricted performance lights up again , this time we sense a rubber burning smell ?


into garage , for repair , checks out DPF filters , need cleaning !! , uses special cleaner from Germany for DPS cleaning , all done and test drove by mech , worked well drives great !! ,

then all of a sudden restricted performance came on , checked code , we now have P2263 ? ,


We have done all we can at the garage , could any one recommend a good independent garage please in the Gloucestershire area , other than HA FOX of Chel , Parents used them for there XK8 ,

not very good .


Many thanks in advance





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Sorry to hear about your troubles. got rid of my XKR because it started giving trouble giving trouble.Called breakdown out twice in two days, then had to wait a month for the part. Not what i expected from a £50K car, The dealership and jaguar were no help whatsoever .


So and independent garage would seem to be your best bet.



Have a look at this link, there might be something near you. Hope you get it sorted shortly




Here are some I found also, don't know what they're like though.













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Hi Paul, and welcome to the Club.


Trevor has pointed you in the right direction.


The list of garages is very useful, but when you have sorted out the problems I would recommend you give the car a terraclean service which is very good for diesels.


I have never had the restricted performance light on [yet].





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HI Paul


I have had similar problems and the codes look familiar.......


look at the intercooler this cracks on the drivers side (outlet) im sure you will find pictures if you search £750 to repair at Jaguar

then the inlet manifold will burst...... top right handside just above injectors.... £1400 for Jaguar to repair

then the throttle body assembly will probably fail £70 off ebay and I nailed that part on myself due to empty pockets but was easy enough :-)


mine is also the Portfolio 3.0 XF-S most unreliable car I have ever owned and as Knightsmith says if your out of warranty Jaguar not remotely interested 


on the brighter side does anyone want to buy a Jaguar XF 3.0D S Portfolio in Pearl Grey whilst its still running????

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Evening Guys ,


Just to bring you up to speed with News !! ,


Car is still with Jaguar independent garage , since the 4/2/15 , still playing up ?? , will advise as soon as it is fixed or crushed !!



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Hi all, 

Just had my Intercooler go pop too, unfortunately mine is well outside its warranty. After many hours I took mine apart myself and brought a new one from jaguar £212 plus vat, on looking at the new one, seems as though the seam is about to pop again, jaguar garage gave me a 2 year warranty and said if it happens again they will replace and do the job for free. They have also said they will investigate the part and put a bin on it? My only problem right now is getting the new bolts as they don't come with it any ideas where is the best place, I heard there a M6-40mm needed can anyone confirm this before I buy. Thanks in advance. 

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Yes M6 40mm is what is normally supplied although 30mm is plenty long enough also fit a nylock nut will stop it rattling loose ;-)


screwfix will probably be your best bet you may also be able to get from a local B&Q


and for some reason I can't sign in to my old profile Lord H forgotten password as I am now a Volvo driver 

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No problem hope you manage to get it sorted I have to admit I gave up out of sheer frustration with my portfolio s real pity as it was a fabulous car let down with one problem after another 


also pay attention to which way you put the bolt in mine being the 40mm long one was digging into a pipe when I got it back and had to turn it around so the excess thread was facing towards the rear of the car and off the pipe work 


good luck

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I use Martin Richings in Chipping Sodbury who recently did a gearbox transmission fluid change at 190,000 miles on my 3.0 D XF Portfolio. Good reliable garage and reasonable prices.

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