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Jaguar S type 3.0 gearbox oil change or not???


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Hi, I have a late 2002 S type 3.0 auto with 85,000 miles and I am seeing conflicting messages regarding whether it is a good idea to undertake an Oil change on the gearbox or not. I have approached two garages who have refused to touch it as they say it is very difficult and requires linking to a laptop to complete and they do not have the necessary software. I am getting the issue of 'clunking' into first gear when pulling away and when I tow my caravan it seems a little 'notchy' on each gear change. What I am basically asking is;

1. Is it worth changing the Oil?

2. Is this Oil very special, if so what spec should I go for?

3. Do I need to change any filters at the same time?

4. Can it be attempted by DIY (is it accessable) or does it need specialised assistance?


Any advise would be helpful as I am getting very confused!!!!

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With your symptams I would say it is gearbox Oil requires changing,  but why it needs to be connected to laptop deludes me. it can be a diy job but difficult. find a better garage. You might as well change filter at same time just in case.

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