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Any tips for a new S Type owner


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Hi everyone

Newbie here. Purchased my 2nd Jag yesterday a 2006 56 pate 2.7 diesel S-TYpe with 33.3 in the clock

Had it checked by a mechanic and full HPI. In black.

Paid £6k for it from a small dealer

It seems in very good condition but I guess only time will tell

I owned an XJS from 1991 to 1997. It was a 5.3l on a D plate 1985

I did have a girlfriend who had an S-Type 3.0 which I got to drive as often as I could (I had a Ford KA(don't laugh)). That was a V reg (V831 DGF)

She sold it for a Merc.

Back to mine.

Would appreciate any tips or advice

It's showing 24 average mpg at the moment and I guess using it in London may not improve that but I do trip to Torquay 4/5 times a year so that will be good and I have a short run to Northampton in two weeks which will give it a run

Looking forward to getting to know you all


Pictures to follow

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Hi Steve, and welcome to the Club.


I have a similar S type, 2007, with 59k on the clock, although it has a new engine at 22k.


MPG around town will be around  27  --  Birmingham is also a big city, although I live on the very edge.


I did get 53 mpg on a long motorway run with speed restricted to 50 mph due to roadworks,  but when the roads are clear you can expect over 40 mpg.


There are a couple of things to remember.  One is that the 2.7 diesel engine from 2005/6 onwards has a diesel particulate filter which will need a regular regeneration which is achieved by an occasional drive at over 40mph for about 20 minutes after the engine has reached its normal operating temperature.


There are also two EGR valves at either side of the engine which can get a bit bunged up, but which can be cured by a good blast - press the S button and accelerate hard when you can. There is also a product from Wynns - you can get it from Halfords - Diesel EGR Cleaner.


Keeping the engine happy is also achieved by avoiding supermarket fuel, and sometimes a dose of the expensive diesel does no harm.


I also gave my car a Terraclean service last year and it worked wonders with the performance and gave me an extra 3 to 4 mpg.


It is a great car to drive, and in my opinion a future classic.





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Hi Steve,


A postscript.  The 2.7 diesel has two turbochargers one of which kicks at very low revs and the other at 2000rpm -- approx 70 mph.

If you are on a long journey set your CC at 68 mph for the best fuel economy.



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Hi Steve,


Hope you enjoy your S-Type. I bought my 56 plate S-Type Diesel Sport approx. 4 years ago and although repairs have been costly it's certainly the best car I've owned. If you're using it in London you may experience DPF issues if you're unable to give it a reasonable run about once a week. Whoever invented DPF's deserves being shot!...I bought mine when it had done 45k and I've now doubled its mileage. I've been looking round for a replacement and may consider a low mileage V8 S-Type or XJ, as I'm now a big Jag. fan. Mine's serviced at Moonwhizz in Ashtead - a decent firm.

Apart from DPF problems I've encountered water accumulating in the boot spare wheel well - which knackered the reversing sensors  - and the well-known and dreaded S-Type transmission 'lurch' when pulling away at low speeds. I also had to get the catalytic converter joints replaced as diesel fumes in the cabin were becoming an issue. On reflection, I might have been better off getting a petrol S-Type, but I average approx. 37mpg which is significantly better than the petrol models. Hope this helps.


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Collect my S type 56 plate with 68,000 on Saturday. 42mpg is a reassuring figure to hear.

Welcome to the club, Chris.


I did get 53 mpg on a drive up to Sheffield when the motorway was limited to 50 mph.


The s type is a great car to drive, especially when you don't use supermarket fuel.  Only the best for a Jaguar.






P.S. The Rabbit was good, too.

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