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I've recently taken responsibility for my fathers 1997 alpine green Xk8, 60k miles (picture attached after I gave her a show room clean)


I'm probably one of the youngest members on this forum haha so yeah !


As a budding mechanic I want to get my hands dirty under the bonnet. As this car although in excellent condition, it is in need of a few repairs/upgrades, and I'm really looking for help in finding parts and the best methods for doing a particular jobs.


that's about it really, I mean having done extensive research on this car and it's age, the area that draws my attention most is the need to upgrade the tensioners from plastic to metal, does anyone know the best place to find the correct timing kit with camshaft locks and such ? 


Sorry if any of my technical know how is wrong! 









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Hi Bill, and welcome to the Club.


The Members are a very friendly group of people and will assist you, and I hope you will share your experiences with them.


I do not get my hands dirty any more and have put away my adjustable spanners and the lump hammer which are not needed in modern cars.


There are several good sites for parts and you could try the David Manners Group, and Rimmer Bros.  There are quite a few other sites that you could also explore.


Meanwhile, enjoy your Jaguar.





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