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Jaguar diesel starting problem


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I have a Jaguar X type 2.0 diesel and just lately it has been refusing to start,, if left alone the fuel drains out of filter back to tank and leaves engine air locked,,but if left facing downhill all is ok ,,been to garage 3 times with no success ,,just hoping someone here can shed any light on the problem 

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Hi Kenny, and welcome to the club.


Does the engine turn over OK?  And have you checked the fuel punp?


I am not an engineer but hazarding a guess that fuel is not getting to the engine.


Another member might hazard a guess too.





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Hi Peter

Engine turns over fine but like i said in first post for some reason the fuel drains back to tank when stopped and airlocks so needs to be bled to start again but after that it runs great till left overnight then same problem again

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I'm sorry to say I think you need a new or recon fuel pump if you have no leaks .????

because if it has a leak between the tank and the pump it will run back or there is a valve

in the pump that holds the fuel from running back at fault .???



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That little valve in the pump I'm talking about just stops the fuel from dropping back 

once your fuel pressure is back the engine will run no problem .???


I ask a fitter that I know he said----


It may be something as simple as moisture
in the fuel or a problem with the fuel filter so I would recommend the
fuel filter is changed now if there is any doubt its not been done for a
while. ???

I suspect there may be a fuel pump problem,
although it may just be a sensor which is cutting the fuel supply or
not reading correctly such as a rail pressure sensor or return valve.????
the fuel is being allowed to get air in it
or is running back to the tank. We cannot rule out a sensor with this
but its more likely to be on the fuel system, the fuel filter would be
the first step.



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