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*Daimler sovereign -> URGENT HELP WANTED !!

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okay.. so I bought my daimler sovereign 3.6 a few days ago. When I bought it the owner said that it did have some issues... For example; the left hand rear door doesn't open.. he said it was a kind of 'link' that needed adjustment but the door had to be taken off the hinges to get access to remove the door panel. But today, I went to open the drivers door and failed.. I got it open by simply pulling the handle from the inside to open it.. but when I pulled it into the garage and pull the handle to get out, nothing happened (climbing out the passenger side was not as easy as you would think ) ..

The other door handles are extremely stiff/hard to open also and I'm afraid that some day I may get locked out !!! 

I need urgent advice on this topic .. 

all help is very much appreciated :) :) 

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Hi Mike,


I am no engineer, --  former accountant   --  so I look for the cheapest option first.


I would try a squirt of WD40, or similar product, and see how it goes.


Let us know if it works.





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there is a link wire in the door so it may of just have slipped out of its housing on door handle  if you cant open the door from the outside  not sure if they are plastic or metal housing's on your model.

if you take the door card off you should be able to look up into the door void to see (maybe be a plastic sheet behind the door card just pull it away then stick it back with tape after)


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:DHi mike, does the door open from the outside, if yes, you will be able to get the door card off. You will not  need to take the door off. If the door won't open from the inside, unscrew the door pull, and lift it off. You will be able to see if the catch is still attached. If it has come off. May find that the plastic bit that holds the rod in place may have broken.common fault on the older jags. Cheers Nigel ,

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no the door isn't opening from the inside or the outside .. will I still be able to take the door panel off do you think ? I think it probably is the plastic part that holds the catch as the owner said I can adjust it to make the doors open easier/freely. Will I need to take the door panel off to fix the plastic part ? thanks very much

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