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Satnav dull screen


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Hi all,

I will take delivery of my first Jag on Saturday.

On the test drive I noted the Satnav screen was very dull, compared to the one my son has on his Disco.

He tells me they are the same system

Are there control adjustments for the display, or is this my first problem to overcome.

If it's a problem, any fix suggestion?

Also, the near side wing mirrors does not self park.

Any idea on what could be wrong and estimated costs to fix.

This is probably my first of many postings for assistance.

Been wanting a Jag for years .... Time has now arrived.

Cheers Jim

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Hi Jim and Welcome to the club.


My s type has a brightness adjustment facility for the touch screen and I assume that the XF has the same.  The touchscreen on the S type shows a settings display when you switch on the ignition.


The mirrors do not self park on the s type, but there is a button which allows you to do it.  I do not know the XF but if only one mirror does not park with the facility on your car, I would assume a misconnection.  I would ask the dealer to give you an idea why it doesn't, and if he will fix it.





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When I had to disconnect the battery the touch screen display had to be reset to get the correct brightness that I wanted.  Although there are some drivers who do not like to see bright instrument displays.


Switching up the brightness from the settings menu to a certain brightness level can override the nighttime mode, which I have done, as I find that the nighttime mode is sometimes hard to read at a quick glance.



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