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car change dilemma


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I currently have a late 07 S Type 2.7d with all the extras which I absolutely love but I have always had a hankering for a XK.

I only do around 4000 miles a year and consequently can really only justify a budget of around £10 to 12000 (its a second car)

I realise its my decision but am I likely to be buying trouble at this budget?

Any opinions welcome

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Hi tom welcome to the club. Is it 1000 to 1200 or 10000 to 12000 you have to spend. If it is 1200 you will get one . But watch out for the dreaded rust. Especially rear lower quarter panels and behind the rear bumper.make sure all electrics work. Also water leaks under front manifold between the two heads.if your low water low warning light come on after a few days check that area first. It's hard to see but there is a little rubber pipe that perishes. Doesn't cost much.but can be a pig to do. Still a great car.nigel

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Hi Tom,


I also have a late 2007 s type and love it to bits.


A friend used to change his car [a Ford] every time a new model came out, but he always got the old model, buying new from a dealer at a very reduced price.


You have one of the last s types with all the problems ironed out, and also a car that is a head turner.


Doing a small mileage will mean that you are going to not subject your s type to much wear and tear, and I would be inclined to keep it till it becomes a classic  ---  someone said it is that last Jaguar that looks like one.





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