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Hi S type park brake problems


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Hi, I have just found and joined this forum which seems to have loads of useful info on it. We have been having ongoing problems with our S type 2004 electronic handbrake. At first it would stick on intermittently and locking and unlocking the car was enough to reset it. Recently we have had to call out the breakdown co. And he had to released it by by-passing the EPB module. An auto electrician told us we needed a new EPB module but this hasn't fixed it. We are now getting 2 warning lights, one stating park brake fault and the othe cruise control unavailable. The car is not being used as often as it was and we are aware the battery is low but have been told it should be fine until winter. After reading some comments on here, it would appear this might be the problem. Obviously we don't want to buy a new battery just yet if it's not going to solve the problem. Any suggestions?

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If the battery is low then just try giving it a full charge with a battery charger ov night and see what happens.

If it cures the problem then the battery is suspect but if it doesn't cure the problem at least you have eliminated the battery.

Next step would be to check see if you have a sticky relay

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Hi Kath, and welcome to the club.


 I used to live in Flintshire when there was the big steelworks at Shotton.


I have had a few issues with the electronic handbrake, and you also seem to get the ,message that something else's also unavailable.


It has been mostly in the winter and at most inconvenient times.  To release it you have to disconnect the battery, first remembering to have your radio code ready.  Leave it for ten minutes and then connect the battery again. You will get the alarm going off, which ends when you lock the car and open it again.  You then have to put on the footbrake and release the handbrake.  You then have to switch on the Radio and you will have to put in the code.


Other settings - brightness, satnav etc will also have to be done.


Batteries play a great part in the working of the S Type, as there are so many, and eventually you will have to get a new one.  In the meantime I would put the battery on a trickle charge for a few hours each day, if you can.


When a battery starts to fail, the car is clever enough to shut down certain operations that it doesn't think you need  ---  rear screen demister, radio etc.


When you next get under the car and find the cable for the handbrake, a squirt of WD 40 could be given or some light Oil, to keep it well lubricated.





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