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Shuddering at 3,000 rpm. Best advice welcome.


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 Hi Folks,


 I have just bought my first X Type, 2002 2.1L


 Lovely car and handles like a dream, only it has the seemingly common problem of refusing to press beyond 3,000 rpm in every gear where it shudders and does not rev until rpm's drop below 3,000 again.


 No problem on startup, no knocking or other obvious engine issues.


 I am aware this seems to be a common X Type engine issue and have read various reports of what the issues could be. My question really is - Is the fault due to one of several potential areas with the engine or is there one known fix-it that works for this?


 Also, is it a solution that can be self fixed or does it require garage attention?


Any advice much appreciated!

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Hi Paul .


A really nice looking X Type you have there.


Your problem could be as easy as a plug or plugs breaking down and I think that and 

the fuel and air filters are the first things I would check.????



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Paul. How id you get on with sorting it? .i have just returned from Belgium in my 3ltr sport ,I had at first intermitent cruise not available ,though it worked fine ,now have this with engine management ,runs fine all through the gears but won't have it above 3000rpm? any help please?  John

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Hi John,


I did sort it mate!


Did two things. Changed the O-rings on the intake air control valves and changed the spark plugs.


I reckon it could just have been plugs as the ones that came out were in a state and likely the original plugs first fitted that would have now done some 85,000 miles!


Drives like new since, happy days!


Good luck with your own and do let me know if yours might fix the same way.

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Don't know if it helps, but a interesting discovery for me...

Recently bought my son a car. The garage had jet washed or otherwise steam cleaned the engine.Just a few weeks later, it was mis-firing between 2000-3000 revs and running a bit lumpy. Removing the plugs (recessed into the head) I found they were all rusty/corroded. A new set later and it runs like a dream! I think I'd rather have a "honest looking" engine anyday.

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Hi Paul

Good to see you have sorted out your problem and your Car looks very nice in the Photo. That wouldn't happen to be Gosford where the

Photo was taken as I'm from the same County.

Don't know if you've seen the Thread about the meeting on the 7th of June to Glen Turret in Crieff 54 Cars and some 87 human being' s

if your interested it's on the Forum.



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