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Rear hub nut -X Type

Uncle David

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Hi David


I checked and cannot find the hub nut size I will try again "BUT" you do know that

after you have removed a hub nut you should always replace it with a new one

because it dosn't lock properly the 2nd time .?????


New bearing ---New lock nut .???


Good luck



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Hi Frank,

Many thanks for the reply. Almost a tale of woe.

I bought a new hub bearing kit (it's made by Lucas) but it didn't come with the nut, so I also bought the nut, which Is 30mm. I bought a 30mm impact socket from Halfords after the nice chap assured me it was the right one, but it doesn't seem to fit the old nut on the car. I'm assuming it's 31mm or 32mm, but either way, it needs to be deep/long reach right?

The old nut has a castellated style top, whereas the new one doesn't, but does have a integral washer.

I've searched the tinternet and just can't seem to find any reference to the correct nut size or socket!

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Frank has given you great advice about the new nut, make sure you use a hex socket to remove and re-tighten the new nut.

Using an Hex head socket the size should become quite obvious I would have thought having, no free play.

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