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Hi Guys

Just like to say thank you for having me in the club

My name is Ray and I come from a small place called Stourbridge West Midlands

Today I went out and bought a X type SE 2008 very pleased with it cracking drive back

Have had a few before three xj 3.0 petrol and a S type mostly know about xj have done a couple up into nice cars I thought the x type would be on the same lines  so I suppose ill find out shortly

got to fit voice and a six cd player Any way this is a bit about me and Im sure we will be talking a lot soon         Best regards  and Happy motoring  Ray

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Hi Ray, and welcome to the club.


I never thought Stourbridge was a small place  -- it used to take me an hour to get through it when I was working.  I do know that Stourbridge is very close to the centre of the universe, which I am reliably informed is halfway up Ocker Bonk in Tipton.  I am also reliably told that if you see 4 people on one side of a zebra crossing and 5 on the other side that they will wait for a fifth to come so that the earth will not tip over when they cross the road.


Great place to work and I have fond memories  ---  although I do suspect that some were taking the micky on a country boy from up north!


Enjoy the club.





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Hello Ray, and welcome to The Jaguar Owners Club. Although being a Welsh boy and Man being born in the Country and returning to my roots at the earliest opportunity in my teenage years I was brought up in the West Midlands therefore, know Stourbridge quite well. Like Peter I don't regard it as small.

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