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Cat flexible pipe hole


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Hi I have a 2008 XF I purchased it second hand privately and love the car. I had a health cheek done at a Jaguar garage and was shocked by the list of things it found most being very small. But the main one was the Cats a very small hole was found in the flexibility pipes to the Cats and would need to replace both Cats at a cost of £1,500+. Yet it had all servicing done by Jaguar is this not a manufacturer fault Can this be repaired?

All the other faults were minor but came to over £4,000 if the Jaguar dealer did them. Had hem checked by a mechanic who said non of them needed to be done, maybe in time. Seems like the dealer was trying to generate some income.

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It's been said time and time again

Dealers are only out to rip you off or sell you another car

Forget the list of jobs and take more notice of your mechanic and never take your car to a dealer ever again

In all walks of life whether they are car dealers drug dealers or any other type of dealer they just want your money and nothing else

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Welcome to the club, Terry.


Members have been told many things by main dealers, all of which cost a lot of money.


Not long after I got my s type the engine management light came on and I was told to take it to a main dealer.


Twenty minutes later the car came back with the warning light gone plus £69 from my back pocket.  A local garage would have charged me £40 and my mechanic £20.


Just a small example.


Another member was told he needed new glow plugs and injectors at a cost of £1200 +VAT.  A terraclean cost him £108 and solved the problem.


Avoid main dealers at all costs.





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