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Hi all,

I thought I'd try my stype 2.7 diesel in sport mode all the way home from work today and I noticed two things.

1 - When I stop accelerating after 70 mph at whatever speed 70,80,90 mph the gearbox changes up to 6th gear straight away.

2 - This one is most puzzling my trip home is 25 miles 18 miles being motorway and when I set off I had 404 miles left in the tank but when I got home I had 390 miles left. When I do the same with the gearbox in normal driving mode the range remaining would have been 379 miles.

Its seems I get more mpg in sports mode which is very odd. Before you ask yes I'm sure it's in sports mode because the light is on and it stays in gear longer when accelerating.

Thanks for listening ,


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Hi Gary,


The computer seems to recalculate the range and fuel left with reference to the last journey made.  The range on my 2.7D s type varies from 490 to circa 550 at times.


I filled up last week after a lot of short journeys and it showed 494 miles range. I then drove exactly 50 miles mostly motorway but with a 15 minute traffic jam on the M6/A14 junction.  I averaged 48.2 mpg, and the range left was 514, higher by 10 miles then when I started.







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Hi Gary

Don't know how to fix your problem , but here's a suggestion with my x type if you disconnect the Battery and keep it like that for a about 10 minutes and then reconnect. And doing this will let the Computer on the Car reset it's Self and it will probably show better MPG

it's worth trying. But Remember to make sure you have the RADIO CODE as you will have to Reset the RADIO also take any other Readings from the Computer ( mileage, A/B for MPG ) it may help ?.



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Hi, thanks for the replies it's very strange so I may disconnect battery as advised and see if that helps. If not then I'll go back to the old way of working out mpg. Top up tank do 100/200 miles top up again and work out how much fuel I've used.

Thanks again,


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