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Massive Issue


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Hi, I really need a bit of help with this - at the moment my 03 Xtype is sitting dead in the water.


EDIT : 2.1L Petrol.


As a brief background, I used to fit taxi meters for a living, and have fitted so many aftermarket products to cars it's beyond count, so I honestly do usually know what I'm doing.


I have an aftermarket stereo fittted, and was checking for a live on it with what I now think is a faulty multimeter - as I checked for a constant live I heard a pop and the radio wouldn't turn on.  I checked for a voltage on the cigar lighter, same thing happened. Changed the fuse, working again.


In taking the ashtray out, obviously I put her into gear without the engine running to manouver it out.  Put her back into Park, no issue - except that the next time I turned the ignition on she came up with 'Gearbox Fault'.  Also the gauges all 'rattled' and re-settled. Not having a ODBII or anything, I tried the usual disconnect the battery for a while, hope it realises there isn't an issues and resets itself etc. 


I realised I had met my match, tried to lock her - central locking not working. Locked her up manually and resorted to scootering to work while I ordered an ODB unit and waited for it to come.


Got it today - It found 2 errors, which it said it deleted.  Yet upon turning the ignition off and back on, the gearbox error persisted.  Disconnected the battery, waited a while, reconnected.  It then came up with 0 errors, but then went back to having one - P1000.


That's where I'm at now - here is what is/isn't happening.


Turn ignition on. Oil light, Airbag Light and Engine Management light up. Nothing on display, won't try to start. Interior lights not coming on. Central locking not working.  Headlights work ok.


I've checked all the fuses under the bonnet - fine.


I'm about to go and check the ones under the glovebox, but thought I'd put this out there first and see if any ideas pop up while I'm busy ;-)


Any help would really be appreciated :)

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Hi Mike,


Sorry to hear of your problem and this may sound silly but are you sure your battery

is 100% because you will find that thing's go all any how when you have a battery issue.????




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It does sound very much like an electrical problem to me and on reading your original statement I could not see how an OBD would help you resolve the issue. The first thing I would have done is check all fuses within the cabin rather than under the bonnet due to the fact that you had heard a pop whilst checking for a live. The first instruction to any inspection and testing within the electrical world is 'In the first instance PROVE the meter'. Without being there although being an electrical engineer Mike I can only suggest you check the rest of the fuses within the Cabin and check your multimeter.

To check your meter you prove it against a known live voltage such as across your battery.

P1000 Jaguar Description

The On Board Diagnostic (OBD) monitors are performed during the OBD Drive Cycle. P1000 is stored in continuous memory if any of the OBD monitors do not carry out their full diagnostic check.

Read more: http://engine-codes.com/p1000_jaguar.html#ixzz3YoaLjkaI

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Thanks guys, I'll give both of those things a shot.

Yeah Ken, I really should have known better - the multimeter is a half decent make, but hasn't been used in a while.  The only reason reason I checked the engine bay fuses first is that I chose (if that's the right word) to get into an accident on my scooter on Monday (not my fault at all and the first in around 27 years) which has resulted in a knee injury stopping me from kneeling easily.  I should record me doing the testing to put on YouTube, I've no doubt my contortions are going to be comical.... 

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Ok, once again big thanks for the assistance so far.


Followed both tips - battery charged and checked all fuses (all ok).  She decided to start playing and started up ok. :D :D


Came up with the gearbox fault again (P1646) which cleared without issue.  Drove 20 yards down the road, the error popped back up and she seemed to put herself into a 'get home' type mode of sticking in 2nd? gear.  I know it was a bit chancy, but I cleared the code again..... same happened.


So, the good news is the gearbox fault doesn't appear to be something physically broken, as she felt fine before it came on and there's no noises or funny vibrations. Bad news is, I've obviously got to sort that out now.  The searches I've just done online seem vague due to the same code being used for different issues on different models and years... I did see a helpful one that said there was a PDF at the top of the page, but couldn't find that. But hey, I shall persevere!


So once more, thanks guys -  your tips really have made a difference, and I'm a lot happier than I was an hour ago!!

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...and a final update.....


I put everything back together, got all stern with her and told her this was her last chance - if she didn't behave she was going to the doctor. I cleared the error again, disconnected the tester and started her up. Error gone, EVERYTHING working as it should be. 4 miles test trip later (with my breakdown membership card in my pocket lol) and everything still fine.


She really doesn't like the doctors...... ;-)

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Really pleased to hear the good news lets hope she dislikes the doctors!!!  and you keep a eye on your battery

and if need be fit a new one ??? ------I had alsorts of trouble and I kept charging my battery up in the end it

failed altogether I fitted a new one and everything worked great ???



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